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Jeem Newland


Jeem Newland brings more than 12 years of experience to the community and High Risk Training. Jeem started his career as a Less Lethal instructor for ALS (AMTEC) less lethal. From there Jeem became an instructor for the late Paul Castle of Sabre Tactical inventor of the CARR System. During his career Jeem as has attend Basic and Advanced SWAT, explosive breaching instructor and currently holds countless instructor certifications ranging from the American Red Cross (BLS Instructor) and the NRA (RSO, Carbine, Pistol and Shotgun Instructor).

Jeem’s years of specialized training and instruction brings a vast wealth of knowledge to High Risk Training and its students. Jeem loves to teach and share his knowledge and skills with all that attend our classes. The knowledge and skillset that Jeem brings to High Risk Training Instructors is proof of our commitment to providing our students with the best instruction in the industry.


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