Tactical Gear

HRT’s unique designed products to fill your operational and tactical gear needs.

The Sporran Drop Pouch was designed as a universal utility pouch add-on to your plate carrier. It is a lightweight, durable and flexible organizer to ensure you always have what you need for the job. The location allows you to have your mission essential gear in a convenient location freeing up your sides and reducing your silhouette.

The PDG Adaptive Combat Belt is a Padded Battle Belt that is designed to provide a comfortable no-slip stability necessary for reducing discomfort caused by drooping and weighted-down belts. At 4½” wide, this belt is perfect for shifting heavy loads from your chest rig/armor carrier, thus taking weight away from your shoulder. The backpacking community has long exploited the fact that hips are much better load-carrier, but in practice this improves our troop’s fighting capabilities in even more aspects than just comfort. You get better balance by lowering the center of gravity, thus improving agility. Besides the operator, our combat belt has also found many uses among 3-gun competitors, a day at the range, and training classes. The highly modular nature allows near infinite configuration.

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