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Save Someone From Bleeding To Death

Do you have the knowledge, training or tools to save a loved one from bleeding to death? Every day you face the possibility of being involved in or even a bystander in a traumatic event. With the ongoing threat of terrorist attacks, active shooters, natural disasters or even automobile accidents, you could easily find yourself in a situation where you need to stop someone from bleeding to death.

It is very possible that someone could bleed to death in 20 seconds to several minutes depending on the location and severity of the wound. This does not give you much time to act, but with proper equipment and training you could prevent death.

Extremity hemorrhage (Bleeding of the limbs) can usually be address using a tourniquet (TQ). Ensure you apply the tourniquet as quickly as possible. Remove any clothing in the area of bleeding and place the TQ at least 2 inches above the injury, but not over a bone. Tighten the TQ until bleeding is controlled. Applying a tourniquet early allows you to continue your check from Circulation, Airway and Breathing (CAB).

For non-extremity bleeding direct pressure can be applied. Although this is usually not enough to stop severe bleeding, you will also need to use gauze to pack the wound. When packing, the wound make sure you pack down to the bone and filling all space within the cavity. When this is complete you will need to maintain direct pressure over the wound until first responders arrive.

We have provided you with two basic overviews. Seek proper training to use the techniques and equipment as these modern tools and techniques can provide people with a false sense of security and could be the difference in saving someones life.

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