Concealed Carry

Surviving an Active Shooter Situation

Terrorism is getting closer and closer to home each day and with these lone wolf attacks finding yourself in an Active (Shooter) Killer scenario could become reality. Being prepared is the first step to survival. If you do find yourself in an active killer situation know these basic steps could mean the difference between life and death.

  1. Get Down – When the bullets start flying get yourself and any family member as close to the ground as possibly, quickly! Rounds typically travel 3-6 feet about the ground.
  2. Find Cover – While on the ground you need to identify cover or at least concealment as soon as possible. This will protect you from incoming rounds or best case hide you from the shooter, when possible attempt to call 911 or send am emergency text to get professional help.
  3. Weapons – If you are carrying a concealed firearm great, if not find makeshift weapons, knife, bottle, fire extinguisher, anything! This will be used for defense if you find yourself in close proximity to the shooter.
  4. Make Your Move
    • Option 1 – If you are not close to the shooter determine the best route of exit and get as many around you to follow. Once in a safe area apply medical aid to the injured.
    • Option 2 – If you cannot make your way out then your only option is to fight back. Tell everyone around you that the next time he stops to change magazines that you are going to fight back and encourage everyone to follow you. Tackle the shooter and take him to the ground and incapacitate the shooter, this is your best chance for survival.

For more information check out our Advanced Concealed Carry Course

PDG Slingshot

Meet the industry’s first multi-use sling bag that combines weapon concealment, armor protection, and everyday utility in a compact platform! The PDG Slingshot.

  • Quick-draw pocket securely hold a full size pistol with tactical lights
  • Integrated pocket for armor inserts (up to 10×12 soft armor or DKX IIIA ultra-light-weight plates) Ballistic Backpack
  • Rapid deployment ability with quick-cinch strap that properly position the armor in front of vital organs
  • Hidden magazine pouch for additional ammo
  • soft felt lined pocket for laptops or tablets
  • internal organizer for business cards, pens, etc
  • high-vis internal liner help locate your items quickly

PDG Slingshot


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