Concealed Carry Course


Our Dynamic Operations courses are reserved for active Law Enforcement only. These courses are designed to expand the tactical scenarios you may encounter to progressively more difficult situations, further honing your skills, instincts and ability to react to complex conditions. You can choose from a course offering below or call to discuss a custom course to meet your needs.

Course Offerings:
  • Patrol Carbine
  • Patrol Handgun
  • Patrol Shotgun
  • Tactical Planning
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Explosive Breaching
  • Dynamic Entry – CQB
Student Requirements (Example of Requirements Below):
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Practical Handgun in 9mm, .40 ca, or 45 ACP
  • Practical Carbine in 5.56, 5.45 X 39, .308 or handgun caliber
  • Spare/Backup Handgun & Carbine
  • Holster and magazine pouch (Must retain equipment)
  • Minimum of 5 magazines per Carbine & Handgun
  • 500 rounds of factory handgun & carbine ammo (No reloads)
  • Appropriate foot wear and clothing for season/weather
  • Weapon tools, lube and cleaning kit
  • Water Hydration
  • Open Mind
Cost: CALL to Discuss