What To Do When Being Tailed – Road Rage

What To Do When Being Tailed – Road Rage

What happens when your safety is threatened on the road? Road rage incidents occur more often than we would like, and too many times, a vengeful driver may follow you after an incident. If you carry, don’t immediately go for your weapon. Legally and morally, it is the wrong thing to do. Have a plan to lose the tail or get yourself to safety.

Your first step is to identify a possible tail. Look to see if a familiar vehicle has been following you after a long distance or multiple turns. If you had a small incident, it will be pretty easy, because they may be driving aggressively and tailgating you. If not, do something drastic to see if they change their patterns to match yours. They don’t want to get ahead of you. Change speed by +/-10 mph or change two lanes if possible if you are on a highway. However, a big sign is if you make more than two left turns and they still follow you. Very rarely is somebody going to make 180° of left turns at the same time as you.

What to do if you have a tail? Do not go home! Your most effective weapon at that point is to know your surroundings. Where is the nearest police station? Is there a place you might lose a tail without getting stuck in traffic, at a red light, or a long wait at a stop sign? Have a reliable form of communication or GPS. If you are sure you have a tail, start calling the police. Be prepared to fill them in on the incident by reporting the car type, plate, driver description, and provocative actions that occurred. Only draw your weapon as a last resort and do not exit the vehicle unless police are nearby.

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